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ELTIRE Printed Dual-Strap Bikini Set

ELTIRE Printed Dual-Strap Bikini Set

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Introducing our latest floral printed, a sleek and innovative design to enhance your everyday life. This cutting-edge product combines functionality with style, offering a seamless user experience. 2. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this product boasts a durable construction that ensures longevity. Its ergonomic design provides comfort and ease of use, making it suitable for all users. 3. Equipped with advanced features, this product offers unparalleled performance. Its intuitive interface allows for effortless navigation and seamless integration with other devices. 4. With a range of customizable options, this product can be tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. Whether you're a professional or a casual user, this versatile is sure to exceed your expectations. 

Product details:
Material composition- Polyester
Style- Casual
Underwire type- Wire Free
Care instructions- Easy Wash
Closure type- Back closer
Color- Pink
Country of Origin- India

This item is not returnable nor exchangeable

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